Our Mission

Raising awareness of the urgent need for preservation of historical and architectural treasures. UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE PROJECT: To compile a list of historic sites to be nominated for World Heritage Site designation.

LANDMARKS PRESERVATION LAW: To lobby the Government of Liberia for a statute of protection for historic buildings and sites, to prevent their demolition for purposes of new construction, and to prevent or reverse any alterations to such properties that would reduce their historical value.

RESTORATION: To implement immediate procedures to preserve and restore to their original condition, designated national landmarks. Restoration would vastly increase the value of these properties, enhance tourism potential and ensure their continued existence for posterity. Funding for architectural restoration will be solicited from academic and philanthropic institutions, cultural and historical foundations, international bodies, Liberian business, and ordinary Liberian citizens at home and in the Diaspora.

UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE: To compile a list of historic sites to be nominated for World Heritage Site designation. To map, survey and document such sites for consideration by the UNESCO Heritage Committee, beginning with the five major coastal cities and surrounding towns, and later towww.xxxfuckvideofree.com include the rest of the country.

PROMOTION: To foster awareness of Liberia as an important, living piece of African and world history, to highlight the significance of Liberia to African-American history, and to attract scholars and tourists from all over the world.

COMPILATION: To compile the vast body of information available on Liberia at universities and institutions, in books, articles, news files, photographs and ethnographic studies into one online repository of Liberian history.

All HPSOL projects will be closely coordinated with and under the guidance and counsel of the Government of Liberia.

4 thoughts on “Our Mission”

  1. Hello, very interested in seeing your Facebook page about the Liberia Frontier Force and the historic photos.
    Do you know when the second small photo, top row was taken (officer in cap and soldiers ) ?

    Any chance of getting a bigger image of this photo, perhaps a half
    A4 size ?



  2. Hello, as regards this image: http://www.hpsol-liberia.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/the-caption.jpg, the page number and reference to “H.H.” are from H.H. Johnston’s book: _Liberia_, published in 1906 in two volumes. I suspect that some other vintage photos at your site are from that source, as well. Both volumes are available for download at archive,org — just enter “Johnston Liberia” in the search box there.

    -Fred Davidson
    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Peace Corps Liberia, 12/1976-12/1978
    (stationed in Ziah Town, Konobo District, Grand Gedeh County)


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