The Historical preservation Society of Liberia was founded in 2011, for the express purpose of protecting, preserving, restoring and promoting the unique historical, architectural and cultural heritage of Liberia. The Society’s ultimate objectives can be summed up in two main goals:

  1. To secure passage of a LANDMARKS PRESERVATION STATUE of protection for historic buildings and sites, from demolition or any alterations that would reduce their aesthetic or historical value. This entails draft legislation to be submitted to the National Legislature of Liberia. Sites surveyed and documented will comprise a NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES. The legislation shall be patterned after the New York City Landmarks Preservation Law.
  2. To present said NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for consideration of Liberia as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This entails efforts toward preservation, and restoration as close to the original condition of the properties as possible.