Liberian Women (In Observance of International Women’s Month)

LIBERIAN WOMEN (In Observance of International Women’s Month)

Women gained suffrage in 1945 under President William V. S. Tubman. Since then, they’ve played as prominent a role as men in shaping their country’s political, socioeconomic and cultural landscapes. The first women in the Legislature were.

Elizabeth Collins (Bong County), Catherine Cummings (Nimba County), Malinda Jackson Parker (Montserrado County ) and Pewhere Sakon (Grand Bassa County).

Notable women who served their country in both the public and private sector include:

Mrs. Etta Wright: Assistant Defense minister.

Dr. Anna E. Cooper: first female dean at the University Of Liberia.

Danielette Tucker Jackson: appointed Chief auditor at department of Treasury(Auditor General).

Mrs. Georgia Mathews: Secretary Of The Senate.

Mrs. Cecilia Mooney: Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court.

Mrs. Euginia Stevenson: Consul General in NY.

Mrs. Myrtle Reeves-Gorgla: Consul General to London


Angie Elizabeth Brooks Randolph: Assistant Secretary General, Served as Chief Executive as both president and Secretary of State, during the president”s absence; Delegate to the UN., and Vice Chairperson; Chairperson of the committee of trust and non-self government territories; Chairperson on the commission for Ruanda-Urundi; VC and later president of Trustee Council; Ambassador at large; Ambassador to the UN; Supreme Court Justice.

Edith Mai Wiles Padmore: Minister Of Health and Social Welfare; Executive Secretary to the president; Special assistant to the president

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Minister of finance; President of LBDI (Liberian Bank for Development and Investment.)

Dr. Kate Bryant: Minister of health and welfare

Florence Chenoweth: Minister of Agriculture.

Hannna Abedou Bowen Jones: Minister Of Post; Minister of Communication; Minister of health and social security

D. Musleng Cooper: Superintendent, LAMCO Area School System and Minister of Foreign Affairs.


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